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Slade Parsons back with Kyle Strickler Motorsports in 2019

Winston-Salem, NC- (January 24,2019)- Slade Parsons is more than ready for his sophomore season behind the wheel of his No. 96 Kyle Strickler Motorsports prepared Longhorn Chassis UMP Modified. In 2018 Parsons teamed with the popular modified star and the results were very promising for the 18-year old senior at R.J. Reynolds high school in Winston-Salem, NC.

Parsons made stops at such famous tracks as Eldora Speedway in Ohio, Tyler County Speedway in West Virginia, Cherokee Speedway in South Carolina and The Dirt Track at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, by far his favorite track.

“Last year was a great learning season for me,” stated Parsons. “I learned so much from Kyle and had the opportunity to not only to be mentored by him but to have the chance to race against him.”

The talented racer made a name for himself among the top modified racers in the country scoring a Top 5 at Cherokee and top ten finishes at both Eldora and the World Short Track Finals in Charlotte where Slade was also fast timer in his group of 18 of the best cars in the country.

“Eldora was an amazing experience,” added Slade.” It was by far the fastest track I have ever raced at and I loved the speed. The fact that it was only my third time in the race car makes it even more memorable.”

Parsons won his first race two years ago at the Dirt Track at Charlotte and although he was moving up from a Crate motor (around 400 horsepower) to an open modified motor (around 850 horsepower) he still had a great deal of confidence going into the biggest event of the year. For Parsons, the event was the high note for a season that was marred by over ten rainouts.

“We didn’t race as much as we wanted to because of the rainy summer but we made the most of the situation, “remarked Parsons.” I had my eyes set on the World Short Track Finals all season and we really worked hard in the shop to get ready. We had a practice session on the Tuesday before the race and that went great. I was really close in time to Kyle (Stricker) and former NASCAR racer David Stremme.”

After his remarkable qualifying effort and second place run in his heat race Slade started 7th in the 30-lap main event. After getting shuffled back to 10th early Parsons hit his marks and guided his car to a solid 7th…a herculean effort considering the competition.

“Slade did a great job all year,” added Kyle Strickler. “His learning curve was much shorter than we expected, and he has a great future. Our whole team was so proud of him at Charlotte and I believe that 2019 he will continue his strong development.”

Parsons will run 20 to 25 races this season and hit the road with Strickler this summer after graduation taking his multi-colored rocket on the road with trips to Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, West Virginia, South Carolina and a few other states as he continues his development as a driver.

If his rookie season is any indication look for Parsons to challenge the best of the best this year.

Slade Parsons 2018 Recap

Slade Parsons is an 18-year old Senior at RJ Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem, NC. Slade’s first time at a racetrack was when he was a kid sitting in the stands at Bowman-Gray Stadium just a few miles from where he grew up. At that moment he turned to his Dad Tony and said…that’s what I want to do.

Slade’s career took a huge turn upward in 2018 when he teamed with one of dirt racing’s true stars, Kyle Strickler. We sat down with Slade and talked about 2018, teaming with the High Side Tickler and what the future holds.

Q: At the end of the 2017 season you sat down with your family to see where you might race in 2018. At that time what did you think this past season would be like?

A: We really had no clue of our options…we thought we would race again with Mitchell Coble who had done a great job with our Crate Modified program and stay on dirt. In reality we really weren’t sure and had not sat down with Mitchell at that point. I just knew I wanted to continue racing.

Q: Your 2018 season took a dramatic change early in the year when Coble informed you that his plans were changing and that he would not be able to continue working together due to other business commitments.

A: It really took us by surprise. We were in a state of confusion. We knew we still wanted to race in the modifieds due to the fact that we had bought a UMP motor but my Dad and I were not prepared and didn’t have the experience to maintain a car.

Q: What happened next?

A: We sat down with Rolfe Schnur who has been our marketing arm for two years and put together a wish list of who we would want to work with. Rolfe was headed to Volusia County Speedway to talk with a few owners, so I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

Q: How did the process go in Florida?

A: He talked to about four or five people down there that he thought could do a great job and after initial meetings the front runner was Kyle Strickler. I couldn’t believe that when he told me.

Q: You met when they got back from Florida and there was an instant connection. What were you feeling when you realized that you were going to be Strickler’s teammate?

A: I felt like it was a dream. He is considered to be one of the best on dirt and I’m thinking, I’m going to be Kyle’s teammate. It was mind blowing and an opportunity that not many ever have. It was really cool meeting him and the anticipation was unreal.

Q: Kyle told you that he wanted you to run an identical car that he ran so that you could speed up the learning curve. How did that come about?

A: We had a different chassis and he thought that me running the exact same set-up would help me dramatically. We sold our racecar and purchased his Longhorn Chassis car he had just won five times with in Florida…I had always had good equipment but nothing like this.

Q: You had over two months until your first start. How trying was that for you?

A: It was tough. Going to the shop and working on the car and having the beast of the motor I knew we had kept me up at night thinking about opening day for me.

Q: Time passes and it’s time for you to race. Cherokee Speedway in Gaffney, South Carolina has a good show and Friday night they have a practice…what was the drive like for you driving to the track?

A: I am usually nervous on the way to the track but three hours of sweaty palms and thoughts of getting in the car…I was nervous and excited.

Q: Friday night there was a test and it’s going to be your first time driving the car. You are sitting in line ready to pull out on the track…do you remember anything?

A: I just wanted to get started. Almost three months waiting for this moment. When I pulled onto the track, I was so ready. When I saw the green, it was hammer down and I’ve never looked back.

Q: It’s time for qualifying on Saturday. Did you feel different from when you used to qualify the Crate Modified?

A: I didn’t have as high expectations as in the past…the newness of the situation, the huge horsepower difference and I didn’t know the other drivers made me a little more cautious than normal.

Q: There were over 25 cars and you went out and qualified 5th…what were you thinking?

A: That they got the wrong transponder. That there must be some mistake. I was truly stunned and to see Kyle’s smile when he approached me is a moment I won’t likely forget.

Q: Your third race ever in the UMP modified Kyle takes you to the hallowed grounds of Eldora Speedway. That had to be a little overwhelming?

A: It was such a different experience than any track I had ever been to. It was a bigger and nicer facility and to tell you the truth…it was a little overwhelming. Right before I was supposed to go out, I am in the car watching the late models on the track and I am thinking…this is fast.

Q: You go out in qualifying following Kyle and you are thinking?

A: Well, I’ve got my foot to the floor going around Eldora and I’m thinking you go flat out all the way around here or you are going to qualify in the back. I ended up qualifying 4th out of 41 and it’s another one of those great looks from Kyle after I got out of the car. I redrew a 12 and we went non-stop for 20 laps and I finished 9th…I was pretty happy.

Q: It’s summertime and the weather is bad, and Kyle has his month of traveling and your car is sitting in the garage in Mooresville, NC for about five weeks. Must have been frustrating.

A: It was really hard with Kyle gone and every time we did have a chance to race it was raining. Hopefully next summer after I graduate from high school, we can take more road trips.

Q: You ran more races, but it was time for you to focus on the World Shirt Track Championships at the Dirt Track at Charlotte. Why does that race mean so much to you?

A: I won my first race there in a modified and I just seem to run really well there. It was going to be toughest field of the year but inside I felt like I had a good shot at being competitive.

Q: The Tuesday prior to the World Short Track Championships you had a test session with Penske Shocks. How much did that test help with your confidence?

A: I ran very close to Kyle and David Stremme’s times and I felt so good in the car. My confidence was sky high thinking if I can run close to Kyle and David we might be in good shape for the weekend. I did know that the next three days were going to be long…not a fan of waiting for a big race.

Q: It was now time for qualifying and at a big race like the WSTC you know that qualifying can make or break your weekend. You qualify well, and things look good. Mess up and it is going to be a long weekend.

A: I was definitely really nervous, but Kyle gave me some words of wisdom and told me to go out and drive your you know what’s off…

Q: There were 54 cars with three groups of 18 in Group A, B and C. You go out early in Group A and turn quick time for your group. What were you thinking?

A: When I went out and I thought I did terrible. The track was mushy and slimy, and I took it slow and easy. I got out of the car all frustrated and Rolfe texts me and says I am number one in my group. My response was pretty short. No effing way.

Q: You finished second in your heat and are starting 7th in the 30-lap championship event. You are looking at all of the stars starting around you and behind you. What are you thinking?

A: I had my regular pre-race nerves, but I am thinking this is really cool. Look how far we have come in one year. Kind of just tried to gather everything and breathe and hope that we could keep our car clean and out of the wrecks I knew were coming.

Q: After 30-green laps and another 30 or 40 yellow laps the checkered flag falls and you finish 7th. Surreal or real?

A: I knew I had a great car and the way some of the drivers were racing I was just glad I didn’t get wrecked or hurt. I was in and around the Top 5 most of the race but got shuffled back to tenth and made our way back to seventh in the last few laps. I had a great feeling of accomplishment…I was trading paint with drivers with so much more experience…and they knew that Slade Parsons could run with them.

Q: You got back to the hauler and saw Kyle…what did he say?

A: He told me he was proud of me and that I did a great job…it meant a lot.

Q: You came full circle in 2018. What are your hopes and dreams for 2019?

A: Keep running with Kyle and get to travel a bit more after I graduate from high school in May. I want to travel to the Midwest with Kyle and race at some of the tracks I’ve heard of but never seen and all the big money races.

Q: Drivers are usually their own worst critics. What is one thing that you need to work on inside the race car?

A: I need to be a little more patient. I made some moves that could have cost us a lot of money, but I was lucky and didn’t get involved. I now think to myself we got 20 laps in this race, don’t try and win it on the first lap.

Q: As a rookie driver in UMP modifieds what surprised you most about yourself this year?

A: Definitely my ability to get used to the horsepower so quickly. Going from a crate motor to our monster motor was not as big an adjustment as I thought it would be. I love the horsepower and I love going fast.

Q: If Kyle Strickler were standing in front of you at this moment, what would you tell him?

A: I would say thank you for the unbelievable opportunity of running out of your shop as a teammate. Thank you to you and your team for making my family feel a part of your racing family…your guys have made me and my father easy to fit in. Not everyone gets the opportunity to be the teammate of the High Side Tickler. Last, thank you for being my mentor, my driving coach, my friend and someone I look up to as a Champion.

Q: Is there anything you would like to add?

A: Oh yes…The person I want to thank the most is my Dad. He is 70 years old and three or four times a week he drives from Winston-Salem to Mooresville. He never has to be asked to do something…he finds something to do whether its working on my car or helping around the shop. On any day you can find him taking apart my car after a race, scrubbing the bathroom floors, helping clean Kyle’s car if they need help, but the bottom line is he does whatever it takes to help me live my dream. I guess you have to take a step back and see who your real hero is.

Slade Parsons knows that he has the ability to compete on the highest levels of UMP modified racing. He has a heavy foot with the ability to throw his Longhorn chassis No. 96 into the corners and come out on top. The future looks bright for the talented teen from Winston-Salem, NC.

Slade Dream Weekend

Winston-Salem’s Slade Parsons has dream weekend at World Short Track Championships in Charlotte

Concord, NC- (October 29, 2018) Two years ago 18-year old Slade Parsons won the biggest race of his rising career at the inaugural World Short Track Championships at the Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway in the crate modified class…a class designed for drivers with not as much experience as the more regional and national class known as the UMP modifieds. Last season he finished 4th in the same crate modified event and when the 2018 season rolled around Slade and his Dad Tony thought it was the right time to make the move up to the UMP modifieds.

In February Parsons, now a senior at RJ Reynolds high school was introduced to a driver named Kyle Strickler through Slade’s marketing director, Rolfe Schnur. Strickler is the winningest UMP modified driver in the country over the last few years…and a partnership was developed where Parsons would become a teammate of the driver who is known nationwide as “The High Side Tickler” for his love of racing near the fence at the top of the race track.

This season has been a true learning experience for Parsons racing at the famed Eldora Speedway in his third race ever in the 850 horsepower machines…and when you add in two Top 5’s Slade has shown that he has the ability to handle one of these open wheeled machines.

“It’s been a really cool deal,” said Parsons. “Kyle has helped me so much this season and when we became teammates he knew the one race that meant the most to me…the World Short Track Championships.”

Friday’s entire schedule was rained out moving everything back one day and Parsons knew that the key to a great weekend was to qualify well. With over 50 UMP racecars in attendance the field was divided into three qualifying groups with Slade first to go out in Group A. With tremendous pressure Slade guided his No. 96 Longhorn Chassis machine around the track…lap one Parsons turned a 17.761 time, a time that would best the 17 other cars in Group A…and the 4th fastest time overall in all three groups.

“Rolfe told me that I was number one in my group and 4th overall, “stated Parsons. “I actually thought he was kidding…I can’t thank Kyle for his mentoring and my crew chief Alec…and my Dad and buddy Mason.”

Parsons lined up on the pole for his eight-lap heat race and the track was slick going into turned one and that cost him the top spot. After that first corner Parsons drove a flawless race finishing second and giving him the 7th starting spot for the 30-lap Sunday main event.

On Sunday Parsons drove a steady race with a rash of yellow flags…and some very aggressive driving that had the Winston-Salem native on his toes the entire race. After getting bumped back to tenth with less than ten laps to go Parsons charged back to seventh with the 3rd through 6th cars right in front of him when Dave Farney waved the checkered flag.

“I am so happy,” beamed Parsons. “Having a fast car is not always going to get you a great finish. Everyone was being really aggressive so half the time you were just racing to not get wrecked. My car was awesome and being able to finish as well against this competition is unbelievable. We showed that we can race with the best and if we had five more laps we would have finished on the podium.”

Slade Parsons was unofficially the top rookie of the race at the World Short Track Championships.

Slade “The Protégé” Parsons Scores Career Best 4th At Cherokee Speedway

Gaffney, SC- (August 4, 2018) When the checkered flag flew at the Cherokee Speedway on Saturday night, Slade Parsons sat in 4th spot on the bumper of David Stremme, but that didn’t tell the entire story.

Slade had not been strapped into his Kyle Strickler Motorsports No. 96 in nearly a month as Kyle had made a trip to the heartland of America. With Strickler in attendance and mentoring the 17-year old racer hopes were high for a strong run.

Parsons needed seat time and qualified 7th and finished 3rd in his heat lining him up in the fifth starting spot for the 25-lap main event. With each lap confidence grew and at the drop of the green the quick learner jumped into the 4th spot with hopes of a podium finish.

Slade made the most of the opportunity and made a daring three wide run in turn two with ten to go and found himself running third and ready to challenge for the runner-up spot. As mentor Strickler lamented Slade was great for 99.9 percent of the time and got a little loose between one and two and spun…causing a yellow and lining up at the back of the pack with around five to go. He charged back through the pack and ended the race challenging Stremme for third…but still recording his career best UMP outing.

“What a great race car tonight,” said Parsons. “It felt so good to be back in the car and I made a rookie mistake but battled back for fourth. I really like racing at Cherokee and my guys worked really hard to give me a car that could contend…I am really hoping we get back to Cherokee later this year.”
“I am really proud of Slade,” added Strickler. “The announcer was calling Slade my Protégé so now he has a new nickname. He did a great job and has a world of talent. We just need to get him more races. It was different watching him race and not being out there but he’s my teammate and it was a great opportunity for him to race, but we are leaving for Iowa for a week in the morning to race, so we spent the evening working hard to get him a great race car and he showed his talent.”

For Parsons it was his second Top 5 of the year in six outings that also includes a 9th place run at the Eldora Speedway in May. For more information go to www.sladeparsons96.com.

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Slade Parsons had reason to be nervous. The 17-year-old bought a new racing motor but found out afterward he might not have a car for it to power.

After more than two years of affiliation with Mitchell Coble Racing out of Mount Airy, the team informed him in February it couldn’t provide a car for him this season.

Fortunately, he didn’t stay without a ride for long. Parsons, a junior at Reynolds High, got scooped up by Kyle Strickler Motorsports. Along with the new affiliation, Parsons is racing with a more powerful motor in a completely different series while competing against the toughest competitors he’s faced in his young career.

Frankly, Parsons said last Wednesday, he doesn’t know if he’d be racing right now if not for Strickler.

“It was pretty tough,” Parsons said. “We had already bought the motor to do the whole entire move up. And that was close to a $20,000 investment for that motor.

“We had no idea what to do.”

Last season, Parsons raced in the South Eastern Crate Association with an engine pumping out around 400 horsepower. The plan was to jump to a different series this year even before joining a new racing team: Parsons had his sights set on the South East Dirt Modified Series, featuring competition with an 850-horsepower engine. Hence the new motor.

But then Parsons was stuck looking for a new team. He linked up with Strickler by the end of February and officially signed by March.

Parsons now competes in the UMP Modified circuit with Strickler as a teammate. It has thrown him into a series with a geographic footprint that spans the South and Midwest while facing drivers he grew up watching.

In the three races Parsons has competed in so far, he has run into Matt Crafton, a two-time NASCAR Camping World Truck Series champion; David Stremme, who has raced in NASCAR’s top three series (Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, Xfinity Series and truck series); and NASCAR Truck series driver Justin Haley.

Parsons has traveled to race at Cherokee Speedway in South Carolina, County Line Raceway in Elm City and, most recently, to Eldora Race Track in New Weston, Ohio. That track is owned by Tony Stewart, a three-time Cup Series champion.

Learning how to control the throttle of an engine twice as powerful as what he’s accustomed to, Parsons said he has dealt with early lumps. His tenure started with moments of lost traction due to overacceleration, as well as a wreck during his first UMP race.

That said, he has already starting to feel more comfortable. Parsons eagerly awaits more time for races once the school year ends.

“There’s a bunch of people that have way more experience than me,” Parsons said. “... I think I picked up a lot quicker than I thought I would or anybody else did really.

Slade Parsons Impressive In Debut With Kyle Strickler Motorsports

Gaffney, SC- (April 14, 2018) Slade Parsons made his much-anticipated debut with Kyle Strickler Motorsports at the Cherokee Speedway in Gaffney, SC. Parsons had the opportunity to test his Longhorn chassis modified on Friday evening, but Saturday’s UMP modified event was his first time in action. The 17-year old was quick out of the box and hot-lapped 5th out of the 24 cars attending the race. He backed that up qualifying in 5th spot lining him up on the outside of the second row of his eight-lap heat race, next to his teammate Strickler who earned the number two fastest lap in qualifying. “My guys gave me such a great race car,” said Parsons. “I thought we would be good, but this is pretty amazing. Having Kyle as a teammate with his knowledge and helping me with my driving is something I really can’t put into words.” With Kyle and Slade on the front row for the heat all eyes were on Parsons to see how he would fair running with the strong group of modifieds at Cherokee Speedway. At the start Strickler sped to the top spot and Parsons lined up behind him and two racers pulled away from the field. When the checkered flag flew the teammates finished first and second with a hefty margin over the third-place car. “I thought that Slade would do pretty well, but he did a great job listening and learning right from the start,” added Strickler. “He definitely has talent and is going to have a great year. He really impressed me.” Perhaps it was opening night jitters or the need of seat time, but Parsons made a tactical error in the opening laps of the 25-lap main event ending his evening prematurely. He reflected on the evening after watching his teammate Strickler win the feature event. “I got a little ahead of myself, “lamented Parsons. “I just needed to be a little more patient. We had a Top 5 car which was beyond what I thought possible in my first ever race with double the horsepower than I had last year. It is so much fun to drive. I get out of the car with a smile on my face every run. Kyle is so amazing. The entire team made me feel so at home. I want to thank my manager Rolfe Schnur for introducing my family to Kyle. It is the best thing that has ever happened in my career.” If all goes well, Slade will be back this weekend with his teammate, “The High Side Tickler” at County Line Raceway in Elm City, NC. For more marketing or media information call Rolfe Schnur Motorsports Marketing at 954-224-8661.

Slade Parsons Teams With Modified Star Kyle Strickler For 2018 Season

Winston-Salem, NC (March 7, 2018) Sometime in February Slade Parsons was notified that the company that had maintained his race car the last two seasons would not be able to continue their program due to new business commitments…which created a difficult situation for the 17-year old racer. “We found out that Mitchell Coble Racing, who had done an excellent job maintaining my racecar would not be available in 2018,” said Parsons. “I was really nervous about this season, so my family sat down with my agent/manager, Rolfe Schnur, to discuss our options. To be honest I was kind of freaking out so we made a short list of potential people to work with. Rolfe sat down with Kyle Strickler at Volusia County Speedway in Daytona and we planned a meeting a few weeks ago.” What resulted from that meeting is the biggest moment of Slade’s career as he has signed an agreement for the Winston-Salem, NC racer to race a Longhorn chassis, Kyle Strickler Motorsports prepared machine in 25 races this season. The agreement includes Strickler serving as a driving coach and mentor for the rising star. “I really liked Slade when I met him, “said Strickler. “He is a talented racer that I am looking forward to mentoring. We hashed out all the details and I believe that he will do a great job this season.” Strickler is the 2-time SuperNationals modified champion and is the one to beat whenever the “High Side Tickler” as he is affectionately called pulls into a racetrack. He is a fan favorite throughout the country and brings a wealth of knowledge to his new teammate. “When Rolfe told me that Kyle was interested I was like, No Way,” added the Junior at RJ Reynolds high school in his hometown of Winston-Salem, NC. “This is beyond a dream. To call Kyle my teammate and run a car identical to his gives me a lot of confidence. I know there will be a learning curve, but having Kyle help me shorten that time frame is truly a gift.” Parsons drives the “Salute to Winston-Salem” tribute car that features the skyline of Winston-Salem, NC on the wrap. Slade will be featured by the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce in March. For more information on Slade visit his website at ww.sladeparsons96.com. For more information on Rolfe Schnur please check out www.rolfeschnurmotorsportsmarketing.com.

Slade Parsons Glides To A Solid 4th At World Short Track Championships

Concord, NC- (October 29, 2017) Slade Parsons again displayed that he is an elite driver when it comes to the Southeast Crate Modified division when he recorded a strong fourth place finish in the 25-lap main event at the World Short Track Finals at the Dirt Track at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The 17-year old Winston-Salem, NC native began the weekend on Thursday evening practicing his Salute to Winston-Salem No. 96 machine in two sessions finishing third out of the 31 entries in both timed hot laps groups. “We had a great car right off the truck,” said Parsons. “Mitchell Coble and the guys worked hard to give me a rocket and it definitely was. I can’t thank Brandon Cox of InLine Designs for the cool wrap on my racecar with the skyline of Winston-Salem…we wanted to show the 330 racing teams that were at the event that my hometown is a cool place to live and visit.” On Friday, Parsons was scheduled to time trial and run his heat race. The Junior at RJ Reynolds High School recorded a 7th place time trial which lined him up third in the first heat race. He immediately bolted into second place and stayed there for the eight-lap heat race distance. “Friday was good, and it gave us a sixth-place starting spot for Saturday’s main event,” added Slade. “I needed to adjust my driving style just a little with the very slick track conditions, but overall I was pleased with our car.” Parsons lined his snappy Winston-Salem designed Mitchell Coble prepared rocket in sixth spot and under dusty conditions battled for the sixth spot early in the event. Around lap ten Slade made a few minor adjustments to his driving line and he started to head to the front. With precision skill he passed two cars to take home a hard fought fourth place finish after 25 laps. “I needed a caution,” remarked Parsons. “It took me a few laps to get rolling and once I did I had a really fast car. We went the last twenty laps with no yellow flags and I really needed one to bunch up the field. I feel like I could have finished second if I had caught a caution flag. It feels great to be a top car at Charlotte where all the best cars race. What a great way to end 2017, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2018.” For more information on Slade Parsons and his Winston-Salem tribute car please call Rolfe Schnur at 954-224-8661. Check out Slade’s website at www.sladeparsons96.com.

Slade Parsons To Honor His Hometown Of Winston-Salem At World Short Track Championships

Winston-Salem, NC- (October 19, 2017) Slade Parsons is the defending champion at the Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway in his class at the World Short Track Championships and the 17-year old Junior at RJ Reynolds high school thought what better way to celebrate last year’s championship then to honor his home town of Winston-Salem. The idea came about when Parsons was doing a photo shoot for his 2017 marketing package around Winton-Salem and some for the photos highlighted some of the spectacular views of the North Carolina city.

“We took some photos around Winston-Salem and I was talking to my marketing manager, Rolfe Schnur, and we came up with this crazy idea to design a car featuring the skyline of Winston-Salem,” said Parsons. “We had the company who does the wrap for our car come up with a few ideas and it was amazing. I am really proud of what we are doing.” Parsons races a dirt modified with a crate engine and has had a stellar 2017 season capturing two wins at the Friendship Speedway in nearby Elkin as well as numerous top three finishes around the state.

“We wanted to do something really special for this huge event that gets national publicity and can be seen on streaming and pay per view on TV,” added Slade. “What better way than to tell racers and fans from all over the country about my amazing hometown.”

The World Short Track Championships are being held at the Dirt Track at the Charlotte Motor Speedway October 26th through the 28th. Catch all the action and root for your hometown hero Slade Parsons.

To check out Slade’s website go to www.sladeparsons96.com. For more marketing or media information please call Rolfe Schnur at 954-224-8661.

Slade Parsons Soars To Second Win At Friendship Motor Speedway

Elkin, NC- (August 26, 2017) Slade Parsons has been dividing his time between 311 Speedway and Friendship Motor Speedway this summer and on Saturday night the Junior at RJ Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem returned to the friendly surroundings of the Friendship Motor Speedway.

Earlier this summer Parsons picked up his first career win at the 4/10ths mile oval and was confident that he could visit victory lane again. Slade qualified second, lining him up next to Jeff Parsons (no relation) for the 20-lap feature event. At the drop of the green Slade powered to the outside in his Mitchell Coble Racing prepared machine and set sail for twenty strong laps of racing. When the checkered flag flew the teen had over a four second lead stunning even himself.

“What a rocket ship I had tonight,” exclaimed Parsons. “I have been chasing Jeff (Parsons) all summer and he has taught me so much, but I never imagined I would have such a big margin of victory. It feels so amazing to be back in victory lane. Once you’ve celebrated with a win you can’t wait to get back here.”

Parsons was quick to thank Mitchell Coble Racing, DiMaggio’s Pizza, the Scott Love Family and his parents for allowing him to live his dream…making it a perfect ending to a beautiful Saturday evening.

Parsons will be spending the next two months preparing for the World Short Track Championships at the Dirt Track at the Charlotte Motor Speedway where he hopes to defend his Crate Modified title.

Need For Speed Fuels Reynolds Sophomore Slade Parsons' Daytona Dreams

His heart’s desire is to win the Daytona 500. And if sophomore Slade Parsons can make it that far — and he has family and friends betting time and money he will — then he can always say his road from Reynolds High School to the Daytona Speedway began on a momma’s night off.

“Saturdays were a way to give Mom a break and get him out of the house, so I was like, ‘What am I going to do?’ ” said Tony Parsons, Slade’s father.

“I’ll take him over to Bowman Gray Stadium.”

Maybe it was the bright, shiny paint schemes adorning the featured Modified cars. Maybe it was the deep thunder roar of the engines. Maybe it was the electricity of anticipation and danger in the air.

Whatever the catalyst, that was the night Slade Parsons first felt the thrill of racing coursing through his blood like high-test fuel through a well-tuned engine.

Just like that, he was hooked.

And he was only 3 years old.

“And just as soon as they rolled the Modifieds out, he stood up and pointed and said ‘This is what I’m going to do,’ ” Tony Parsons said. “And I swear, I had this little sinking feeling.

“I said, ‘Slade this is a big-money sport. I doubt we can do this.’ ”

To which a young Slade replied, “Well this is what I’m doing.”

Thirteen years later he’s still doing it, and doing it well enough to drive the No. 96 Modified car regularly on the dirt track of Friendship Motor Speedway in Elkin. Aligned with Mitchell Coble Racing in Mount Airy, Parsons has finished as high as second.

His greatest thrill, however, came at the 2016 OneDirt.com World Short Track championships last October at the dirt track of Charlotte Motor Speedway. After winning his heat race, he started on the outside pole and raced to his first checkered flag in a featured event.

“I wasn’t too sure about the guy on my inside,” Parsons said. “I didn’t know if I could get around him. But the outside was really fast that night and I just blew around him and I led the whole way and won it.”

So the kid has shown the knack. Gray Coble, who, with his son, operates Mitchell Coble Racing, has seen it, just like he saw it in other budding drivers he helped bring along, including brothers Austin and Ty Dillon and Ryan Blaney — all regulars today on the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

“Well, he’s got the want-to,” Coble said of Slade. “He’s got the desire. He just needs seat time more than anything.”

At this stage of his career, much of Slade Parsons’ seat time comes in front of a computer.

“Even if I’m at home, I’m still doing research and stuff and find out about setups and stuff like that," he said. “Or I’m on my racing simulator. I use the website iRacing and use that about every day for about five or six hours. That’s what I love doing. I’m up until 12 at night or one in the morning doing that.”

His grandmother, Mary Parsons, was a long-time administrative assistant for the Wake Forest football program and worked with coaches from Bill Tate in the late 1960s to Jim Caldwell in 2000. Slade was exposed to all kinds of sports at a young age and had choice seats with his family.

He eventually played lacrosse for four seasons during his middle school days and is contemplating going out for the Reynolds High football team for the 2017 season. But early on, he was terminally bored by any sport that didn’t have wheels and an engine.

And if his classmates have next-to-no-idea what his weekends are like, well, that’s the price he is more than willing to pay.

“Honestly, none of them understand it,” Parsons said. “I’ve had the same friends since I was in the fifth grade. I’ve had the same friends of about five or six kids, and we’ve stuck together since then.

“They know what I’m about and they know what I do and a lot of them have come to understand it a lot more. And they think it’s really cool. But I don’t think many people my age have a good understanding of it.”

He graduated from Kid Karts to the Quarter Midgets in the Jr. Novice and Jr. Honda Divisions to running around 50 races in the Bandoleros Series, all by the time he was 11. His big break came in 2015 when his father got to know Gray and Mitchell Coble, who sold him the modified car and agreed to maintain it in the their shop in Mount Airy.

“Right now, I feel I’m surrounded by the right kind of people I should be,” Slade Parsons said. “They’ve had people in their dirt cars like Austin Dillon and Ty Dillon and Ryan Blaney, and a bunch of other big drivers, too. We probably go from there and move on up to asphalt. I think that will be the best thing to do.

“I don’t believe in staying on dirt forever. You won’t go anywhere like that.”

He feels the next step might be the ARCA series, a proving ground for many of today’s stars on the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup circuit. Or he might try his hand in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. To that end, the family has signed with marketing specialist Rolfe Schnur to help drum up sponsorship money.

“It really does mean a lot because it’s a lot of money we’re putting into each race,” Slade Parsons said. “It’s a good amount of money every weekend.

“I really don’t see how we do it, but we do get by and do it.”

And the plan is to continue doing it until Slade Parsons makes the field of the Daytona 500. It’s a long and winding road from Reynolds High School, but Gray Coble has seen committed young drivers make it before.

“The biggest thing is it’s just going to take seat time and a lot of dollars,” Coble said. “I did it with my son. I’ve done it with some other kids.

“I’ve always said, ‘It’s cheaper than drug rehab.’ ”

Slade Parsons Races To A Strong 2nd Place Finish At 311 Speedway

Rural Hall, NC- (July 7,2017) Slade Parsons made the most of his second visit to the 311 Speedway on Friday evening, when he piloted his No. 96 Mitchell Coble Racing prepared modified to a solid second place finish in the 20-lap main event. Parsons finished 4th in his heat and lined up 6th next to his teammate for the evening, Kaz Grala, who was at 311 preparing for the Camping World Truck Series event on dirt at the Eldora Speedway.

“It was really cool having Kaz as a teammate,” said Parsons. “He is a really good guy and the information we shared helped me for the feature. We raced side by side a lot of the race and it was really awesome.”

Parsons drove his way to the front passing on the outside to finish a close second and credited more seat time at the ultra-fast oval for his second-place run.

“This is a momentum track and I was much more comfortable racing this week,” added Slade. You have to keep the car straight, which is so different from when I race at Friendship Speedway. I feel like we are getting closer to our first win at 311…I really love racing at this track.”

Parsons next race is this Friday back at 311 for the NC Modified State Championship race. For more marketing or media information, please call Rolfe Schnur at 954-224-8661.

Slade Parsons Wins Career First At Friendship Speedway

Elkin, NC- (May 20, 2017) Slade Parsons has been knocking on the doorstep of victory lane at the Friendship Motor Speedway for the better part of the 2017 campaign. Each week the 16-year old racer from Winston-Salem, NC has been getting closer and closer…Saturday night, the sophomore at RJ Reynolds High School crossed the threshold when he drove his Mitchell Coble prepared open-wheel modified to a convincing win.

Slade was the fastest in hot laps and won his heat race which gave him the pole position for the 20-lap main event. At the drop of the green Parsons built a sizable lead over Jeff Parsons (no relation) when the yellow flew on lap eleven. Two cars were hung up on the backstretch wall causing a lengthy delay. With nine to go Parsons kept his No. 96 racer glued to the bottom and sped to a four-car length victory to the delight of the crowd. Parsons was greeted in victory lane by his crew and family and the festivities began.

“It was an amazing race,” beamed Parsons. “Jeff (Parsons) raced me clean and that means a lot to earn his respect. He was one of the first to congratulate me in victory lane. I first want to thank God…for giving me my amazing life. Wow, this is overwhelming. Mitchell and Chris and the entire MCR team, Scott Love and his family, DiMaggio Pizza, Tri-Star Racewear, In-Line Designs and Rolfe Schnur Motorsports Marketing…but most of all my parents for all that they do to make my dreams a reality.” I thought that we might get a win, but I wasn’t sure when. This feels really good.”

Slade Parsons From Last To 2nd In Wild Friendship Feature

Elkins, NC- (April 8, 2017) Slade Parsons wowed the crowd at Friendship Speedway when he guided his No. 96 modified to a wild 2nd place finish at the Elkins, NC track on Saturday night. After a bad draw for the heat and a sub-par heat race, Slade was relegated to a seventh-place starting spot in the 20-lap main event for the open-wheel modifieds.

Parsons was on the move at the drop of the green flag when near disaster struck on lap four with a flat tire. The 16-year old racer barely made it back out after his crew changed the tire and had only 16 laps to charge to the front. His colorful race car was flying high around the clay oval and looking for a great finish.

“I thought we were done when I got the flat tire,” lamented Parsons. “We just barely made it back on the track when the green flew and my car was a rocket, Mitchell and the guys had my car dialed in. I hit the cushion too hard near the end and it felt like my car was five feet off the ground and that I was going to flip. Running from last to second was a blast. I can’t thank my parents for all that they do…plus my great marketing partners.”

Parsons second place run is his best of the early 2017 season and the Slade Runner should be visiting victory lane soon. Look for Slade and his Mitchell Coble prepared team to hit the road visiting other dirt tracks in the area.

Slade Parsons Wins 1st Pole At Friendship

Winston-Salem, NC- (April 3, 2017) Slade Parsons knew that his Mitchell Coble prepared race car was ready to rocket at Friendship Speedway on Saturday evening April 1st. The sixteen-year-old racer’s confidence has been sky high since his huge win at the World Short Track Nationals last fall at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Parsons was quickest in hot laps and was hoping that he could duplicate the feat during time trials. With a big field of modifieds for the annual Spring Stampede race, Parsons guided his No. 96 modified to the fastest lap gaining the number one spot for the feature event and his first ever No. 1 qualifying position.

“My car was awesome,” said an elated Parsons. “I have been close to being the number one qualifier before, but tonight we got the monkey off our back. Mitchell had my car ready and it keeps getting better each week.”

Parsons led the first few laps of the 20-lap feature but got jostled back a few spots, but always within striking distance of the leaders. With a re-start with two to go the sophomore at RJ Reynolds high school look poised to win battling side-by-side with the leader but coming off turn three he was tapped from behind by the third-place car pushing him out of the groove and dropping him back to a solid fourth place finish.

“What a great night for our team,” added Slade. “We had the car to beat and it is only a matter of time until we win one here. I really thought I had a shot to win with one to go, but I got tapped out of the groove. Can’t thank my family for everything they do and the Coble’s for giving me such a strong modified each week. It feels great running up front. All I need is a little more seat time.”

Slade Parsons Races To 4th In 2017 Friendship Speedway Debut

Elkin, NC- (March 18, 2017) It’s been a very long three months for Slade Parsons as he waited in anticipation for the start of the 2017 racing season. Parsons, the 16-year old sophomore at R.J. Reynolds High School has been busy over the winter months preparing for his 2017 debut.

Parsons started on the outside pole of his heat race and got jostled back to 4th on the rough clay surface on the initial start. He spent the next 5 laps guiding his sharp No.96 Mitchell Coble Racing machine through the middle groove to record a 4th place finish.

“I was not happy with the pole sitter on the start of the heat,” said Parsons. “He kept pinching me up against the wall and I lost momentum on the start. That was not the way I wanted the heat to go.”

Slade lined up his colorful modified in 7th place for the feature event and kept his nose clean for the entire distance resulting in a 4th place finish in his first of 30 races this season.

“The track was rough,” added Parsons. “They had so much rain that it was great we even got to race but it made the surface tough to pass. All in all, getting a Top 5 first time out is something to build on. I can’t thank my parents enough for all they do…I also want to thank Mitchell Coble Racing, DiMaggio’s Pizza and Rolfe Schnur Motorsports Marketing. I really believe it’s going to be a great season.”

Parsons Looking For Great Things...

By Hill Douglas, (December 1, 2016) When most little kids are learning to play sports they start with something like soccer or basketball, but not R.J. Reynolds sophomore Slade Parsons. At just four years old, he was already racing go-carts and finding a passion that he still holds on to over 10 years later. Parsons loves to race. “My dad took me to a race one night and I thought it was really cool,” Parsons said, recounting his earliest memories of the sport. “I’ve just wanted to do it ever since. "Now that he is older, Parsons has moved up from go-carts to racing dirt modified cars in the South Eastern Crate Association (SECA). Parsons races at tracks all over North Carolina and Virginia, but mostly at Friendship Motor Speedway in Elkin, N.C. Being an athlete at Reynolds that does not participate in a school sport, his accomplishments have often gone overlooked, but that does not mean they are not worthy of attention. Parsons may be RJR’s best kept secret. Even at such a young age, Parsons is respected in the racing world. When asked about Parsons, Jason Atkins from SECA only had positive things to say about the already accomplished driver. “Slade Parsons is an active driver and member of our organization who scored the biggest win of his dirt racing career at the OneDirt.com World Short Track Championship at the Dirt Track in Charlotte,” Atkins stated. Parsons did indeed win the biggest race of his career on October 22, but he is not...

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